Thursday, October 28, 2010
Happy Halloween!

I hope all our little trick-or-treaters are ready and excited for Halloween on Sunday?  Just a quick reminder to keep the chocolate stash away from the doggies and keep the cats safely away from the Halloween decor.   We don't want any trick-or-treat surprises at the hospital next week!  :<)

Anyone else there planning to dress up a pet for Halloween?   As you can see, my girls dressed up  last year for Halloween and were delighted with all the doggie cookies they received from the trick-or-treaters!  As you can see from the photo though, they were perhaps somewhat less than enthused about the costume requirement for the event!  We also have a wonderful halloween picture of Joie who looks just as enthused.  I would buy a cup of coffee from her anyday, wouldn't you?

Please do send us your best picture of your furry friend in costume...we could all use a little chuckle now and again!

In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, and have a very happy Halloween!   BOO!

Dr. Carolyn

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