Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 brings lots of news to Winrose!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!  We wish you all the best in 2011!

2011 brings lots of news and excitement at our hospital....

You may have noticed that we have some new signs on the building...soon to follow is a new sign for the parking lot!  Keep your eyes open for it in  the next month or so!

Lots of baby news at the hospital as well...

Megan, one of our fabulous receptionists, just returned from maternity leave.  Hard to believe her daughter Camryn is already a year old!

Rhonda, one of our appointment technicians, is the proud new mom to a little boy named Niko who was born in December...We hear her other son Jack is a proud new older brother!

Also, Dr. Torevell is now off on maternity leave until approximately May.  She is expecting her baby later this month....We wish her all the best for a safe and easy delivery and will keep you posted on her baby announcement when available.

Also expecting lots of furry kids in about a month or so is our dear furry friend 'Beans'...Those of you who have been at the hospital recently may have noticed her expanding waistline and enlarging mammary glands!!   She is due to have her chocolate 'Beanie Babies' at the beginning of February.  If you are interested in a puppy, or know anyone who is, please let Dr. Eichkorn know at the hospital.  Knowing Bean's wonderful temperament, they are sure to be spoken for quickly.

While we're on the subject of about a quick lesson on doggie reproduction?

Did you know that dogs are one of the only species that has only 2 fertile periods (we call them heat cycles!) in a year and that she is only fertile for a few days within those heat cycles?

Did you know that a litter of puppies can have puppies fathered by 2 different males?   If a female (bitch) is bred is by 2 different males during her peak fertile period, it is possible that some of the eggs will be fertilized by each male and thus the puppies will have 2 different dads!

Did you know that the 'gestation period' for puppies is a mere 63 days?   We were able to confirm Bean's pregnancy with our ultrasound machine at 30 days of pregnancy and we will be taking an x-ray this week to see just how many cute little bundles of love will be arriving soon.

Well...that's about it for 'puppy trivia' for today!
I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying our crisp Manitoba winter!
Stay tuned for more baby news coming soon!
Dr. Carolyn

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