Thursday, June 2, 2011

Impending deliveries....

Hi again!  Dr. Eichkorn here...

For those of you whom haven't already heard, I am now officially on maternity leave for the summer!  Yes...that's right...MATERNITY LEAVE!!

There have been a lot of surprised faces during this heartworm season when clients have been in for annual vaccines and check-ups or picking up heartworm medications!!  The belly has become quite obvious!!   Surprise!  lol  :<)

My fiance Cary and I are pleased and excited to announce she is due on June 15th!  Yes...We know already that it's a girl and are absolutely delighted!   Watch this space for more details once she arrives!  Here's hoping all goes smoothly and that labour isn't as bad as some of the stories I've heard!  :<)

Anyway...the plan is to be off until the end of September and then be back for a couple (maybe 2) days a week in the Fall...This is provided that the baby (and the fiance!) are co-operative!

If any clients would like to contact me on a non-urgent basis while I am away (I'm sure I will be at the clinic often anyway with baby in tow!), you can try me at   Can't guarantee how promptly I'll be able get back to you but I will certainly be checking this e-mail fairly regularly.

Well...that's about it for news for now!  Hope you are all well and have picked up your heartworm medication for the season.  It is sure to be a doozy of a year for mosquitos if this rain keeps up!

Here's hoping for sun...and a healthy baby!
Wish me luck...

Dr. Carolyn

P.S.  Couldn't resist adding a bit of veterinary humour!!