Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

Hope everyone has been enjoying our mild winter...don't forget though that all that salt and sand can be irritating to little paws so keep them clean and as dry as possible!!

I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a 'Happy Valentine's Day' coming up soon!  It is nice to be back at work one day a week but Drs. Torevell, Malboeuf and Atkinson have been doing a fabulous job in my absence so I have been continuing to enjoy 'maternity leave' with little Grace who keeps me  busy!

Don't forget that candy, chocolate and sweets are not for pets...not for babies either really though Grace thought this was the best photo prop EVER!

I hope you are all enjoying the last of a wonderful winter and we look forward to hopefully an early and mild Spring as well!   Maybe not the mosquitoes and ticks that go along with that though!  Won't be long and we'll be putting heartworm reminders in the mail!

Have a pawsitively wonderful Valentine's day from all of us at Winrose...

Dr. Eichkorn and the fabulous Winrose Team
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines day is approaching

When you celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones this year, remember to include your pets because they think you are pawsitively great.

These are some hints for you to remember with Valentine's Day upon us

Hide the Chocolate.  All types of chocolate are toxic for dogs and cats.  Have a heart and keep your chocolate sweet treats well out of your pets reach.

Xylitol is an artifical sweetener used in sugarless gums and baked goods.  It is not harmful to humans, but even small amounts can be extremely toxic for your dog.

Make sure to give water:  Animals kept outdoors need a steady supply of fresh water.  Snow isn't a substitute.  Check your outdoor pets' water bowls daily.